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Only a decade was the difference between bitcoin being worth a couple of cents, to having a value of over $20K. The hype around bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, no matter what, will always be tied to the price. The better cryptocurrencies are doing, the more hype will spread. That being said, bitcoin’s ultimate rise opened way more doors than just profiteering opportunities.

Bitcoin’s rise brought up blockchain technology to the world tech spotlight. Just over 10 years after Bitcoin’s debut, blockchain skills became one of the most well-paid and sought-after job skills in the world. According to some recent studies, the demand for blockchain workers and/or professionals has increased by over 2000% from 2017 to 2020 alone.

This number is only projected to grow higher as more and more business discover that blockchain applications can rapidly drop their expenses and increase the work quality by a mile. Many of the leading financial structures in the world are already spending billions to incorporate blockchain technology into their systems.

With the scale of most global financial institutions, the correct implementation of blockchain technology could save quite literally billions of dollars per year. Settlement times are also able to drastically lower in time reducing from days to mere minutes.

As it’s well-known, the potential of blockchain reaches far beyond just cryptocurrencies. The Vice President of IBM Technology mentioned recently that the company is already involved in more than 400 blockchain projects across the world.

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